Network Optimization

We all rely on our computer networks. We expect them to work.

But what happens when the system doesn’t work?

Common solution is to throw more money at the problem by buying more bandwidth, by purchasing bigger servers, by buying software with big promises.

We believe that this is not the correct approach and this practice just masks the underlying issues and simply defers the problem.

We dig into the heart of the issue. We understand it from all angles not just from a techie point of view. Nothing works in isolation and once we understand what fits together only then are we able to properly offer solutions that are suitable specifically for your business.

We look at solutions such as:

  • E-Mail Solutions – save bandwidth by cutting out SPAM and Viruses BEFORE they enter your company’s network
  • Mail Archiving – can you retrieve ALL emails you ever sent and received? What happens if there is dispute between you and your employee – can you retrieve all correspondence even after they deleted their mail ? It could save you thousands in legal fees when you can produce that email from years ago that are no longer in your backup cycle.
  • Inter-Branch connection – why make trips to remote branches when you can simply access files and systems over a secure connection.
  • Automatic Backup – don’t wait until your info is lost when your computer crashes or your laptop is stolen. There are solutions for automatic backups of and secure data storage
  • Internet Access – Take control of who uses and who abuses your internet bandwidth. Should all employees be able to access everything online all the time?
  • Mobile Communication – New technology allows users to be more productive where-ever they are. From completing forms on tablets to being able to file reports from the field – all is possible.