Hard Tech

what we do

No one can be truly objective if they are trying to sell you something.

This is why Swift Consulting is different -we don’t try sell you anything. We sit on your side of the table and get you the right advice, the right service provider, the right technology partner for you. We are on your side.


We are able to offer the following:

  • You say: Its broken. Just make this work.
    We say: We identify ways of saving the company money by doing things differently
  • The SolutionNetwork Optimization
  • You say: Do I need all this IT stuff and am I paying the right money for it ?
    We say: We identify the requirements and current problem areas
  • The SolutionNeeds Analysis
  • You say: Just take care of it for me
    We say: We ensure smooth migrations and installations with status updates and management of expectations
  • The Solution: Hands-on Management
  • You say: Make me faster and more efficient
    We say: We automate those daily tasks and eliminate the human error factor
  • The Solution: Business Analysis & Automation

A common frustration in business is that there is a disconnect between IT and Management. What IT says and does and what Management expects from IT are two very different things. We bridge that gap.

we don’t sell you any systems or products. We always give your business the best, objective advice and ensure that you have all the information you need to make an accurate business decision.

We have been in the IT business since 1993 and have worked in the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa and the USA. We also run numerous businesses so we are equally proficient in both IT and the business lexicons.  We are able to speak to the tech people in a way they can relate to and are able to speak to the board-room executive team without the jargon.

We connect the dots.


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get