Our Methodology

two businesses

No two businesses are the same so why should you pay for services you don’t need ?

Some businesses need some quick advice whilst other need a more hands-on approach.

Therefore, we have developed our 3 Model-Solution:

Model-Solution 1:

We come in to understand the issues and understand what the business would like to achieve. We document our findings along with the solutions to resolve the problems we uncover.

We hand this document over to you so that you can take action in whatever way you see fit.

Model-Solution 2:

We not only document the issue as in Option 1 above, but we help find the company or companies that can implement the solution to the issues. We work with the local IT department or the local IT company or we look for an external service provider. Once the solution is implemented our job is done.

Model-Solution 3:

We document and help implement the solution as in Options 1 and 2 above, and then we stay on in an advisory capacity to help guide the business. This requirement is different for every business. Some would like to meet on a monthly basis while others on a quarterly basis. All depends on what the business requirements are.


So if you need just an external opinion to ratify strategy or you need someone who has your interest at heart to oversee suppliers that is what we do best.

We can help