About Us


It is almost impossible for the busy executive to keep up with the many developments and innovations taking place in the technology industry. Therefore executives rely on the people around them for advice.

However, who can you really trust ?

Your technology suppliers are the same people who want to sell more services and equipment to the business. Therefore, by definition, they can not be impartial.

Swift Consulting was born to address this  trust-issue.

Swift Consulting offers expert advice on how to reduce your IT costs, maximize your IT resources and access the latest technologies that would benefit your company.

We understand business processes, we understand technology – but most importantly we know how to translate the real-world business requirement into an IT process that makes sense for your company.

We have been in the IT industry since 1993 having worked in Europe, Israel, South Africa and the USA.

Our clients span from small businesses to large national enterprises across various industries such as telecoms, healthcare, resources, education and retail..

Our CEO is Liron Segev, who is a respected personality in the IT circle, has lead many teams and strategies for our clients with great success.

Liron Segev is also an IT Analyst Blogger who runs TheTechieGuy.com an award winning Blog and a popular reading destination for insight into the technology world.